Laboratory optimisation

Every laboratory has room for improvement. Most laboratories today are not as productive as they could be due to a high mix or high volatility of their workload. Optimising the value stream through a lab and leveling the work flow will increase productivity. Only when the work load is level can samples flow through the process. NiRem analyses every lab for its potential and levels the work load using hijunka and other techniques derived from the lean manufacturing process to achieve optimum performance. In many cases the improvements through such techniques range from 25% to over 60% increase in performance and productivity.

QC regulatory requirements

Whether you are preparing for an audit, trying to become accredited for a new analytical method or have questions about any other QC related issue, NiRem Consulting can help you achieve what you need to bring your business forward. From ISO to FDA, GLP or GMP, NiRem has the knowledge to help you be in compliance.

Business connection

Whether you are a SME in the Pharmaceutical sector looking for overseas business partners or a large corporation interested in widening your scope through acquisition of new partners, NiRem can help you to find the best partner for you business. We connect companies between Europe and Canada to other businesses or regulatory agencies, so you can focus on what you do best without distractions. NiRem can assist in finding anyone you need to grow your potential and "strike a match" to light up a conversation.

Method Validation

When setting up your own QC lab initial method validation can be an intricate task. NiRem's specialists can advise you how to go about constructing your validation plan and QC system to satisfy national and international accreditation bodies.

MMPR Consulting

Recent changes to the medical marihuana regulation require producers to obtain a license from Health Canada in order to become a legal producer of medical grade marihuana. NiRem provides all the necessary expertise to create an adequate Quality Control system to satisfy Health Canada guidelines and help you get your operation off the ground. We offer ongoing support and advice to producers on how to be compliant with GMP regulations. NiRem also offers auditing of production facilities to help producers prepare for inspections by HC and constantly improve quality systems.

Where we operate

Based in New Brunswick, Canada,  NiRem is focussing on the Eastern Canadian markets. Recently we have been expanding our business to incorporate the European market with a main focus on Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. We have recently broadened our field of operations to include Uruguay and Argentina.