Mmpr Consulting, lab flow optimization,third party audits, efficiencies in Fredericton, NB

Mr. Daniel Carbo, MEng

Independent Scientific Advisor

Mr. Carbo has a Nanosystems Engineering degree from Louisiana Tech University in USA and holds a Masters in Materials Science Engineering from the Federal University of Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil. Currently he is pursing a PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He functions as an independent adviser for NiRem Consulting.

Dr. Nils Rehmann, PhD, Dipl.-Ing. chem

Director and Senior Consultant

Nils brings over a decade of experience in quality assurance from the laboratory and life sciences field. His work experience is a multidisciplinary mix of chemistry, pharmacology and engineering with a keen eye for detail. He is driven by a high desire for efficient work flows and creating out-of-the-box solutions for his clients that facilitate the realization of his clients projects and sometimes their dreams.

Nils is the founder and director of NiRem Consulting Inc.